After studying social sciences (drs.) and philosophy at the University of Groningen, I first followed an extensive 'retraining' as an 'assistant-to-the-manager' at VNO/De Baak and then organisational studies at the Open University. After that, I received solid practical lessons in my work, in various presidencies and in municipal politics as a chairman of a political group.

Life has taught me a lot. So have my studies and work experiences in business, consultancy and government. I have come to see working together in any form of organisation as living together in 'Houses of Togetherness™'. Organisations and partnerships, people who work together in a project, also 'live' in such a House. It is my motivation to work on getting and keeping these Houses in order.

Why am I doing all this? Because I want to contribute to working people having a joyful and adventurous (working) life. Fussiness and an unpleasant working atmosphere stand in the way of this. That is why I work on cooperation.

My greatest life lesson? In the end, working together is about will, i.e. the question of whether you want to have dealings with each other (permanently), form a (working) community and are prepared to build bridges on both sides.

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