Research into collaboration

In addition to commissioned research, I conduct my own independent research into collaboration. To be more precise: research into the ability to work together and the quality of cooperation of constructed or organised structures for cooperation (such as organisations and partnerships). I am particularly interested in the kissing points of the constructed collective and the individual.

What distinguishes an organisation with a high quality of collaboration?

The way they have organised themselves. These types of organisations and partnerships have organised 6 responsibilities or determinants of working together in a structural way.

Towards a good ability to work well together and a high quality of working together

The 6 determinants I found fall over building blocks such as 'shared ambition', 'concrete objectives and actions', 'clarity of roles, contributions and tasks, communication, information sharing' and 'relationships'. Establishing a good ability to collaborate and a higher quality of working together is not only about improving the colloboration within a team.

In the layer that the organisation forms around the places where working together (every day) takes place, something has to be fundamentally right.

Research conclusions

Most organisations miss the following.

  1. Organisation of working together as a function;
  2. management of working together as an activity.
Importance and practical applicability of the conclusions

Go to Services to find out how I can support your organisation on the basis of the conclusions to continuously working together successfully. Or contact me.

Concern and hope

Earlier (1989), 'Zorg en hoop' (Concern and hope)was published. In this book, I make a critical analysis of basic concepts of A.H. Maslow. This analysis is not so much a thread running through my research on collaboration and my work, but it does provide a basis for seeing the possibilities and impossibilities of working together.

Care and hope apply to humanity and its possibilities and thus to human collaboration. Concern about the deep disappointment that the possibilities of working together are so little realised. And hope for the joyful, adventurous and successful enterprise that working together can be.

At the moment I am working on a publication on collaboration (in Dutch) in which I describe my insights and their practical implications for organisations. ('Towards a continuously high quality of collaboration. A responsibility-oriented approach to working together.')

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