Towards employees who continue to work together successfully

I am a mentor, facilitator, speaker and researcher. All services are based on the two principles: developing the organisation and the people.

My support focuses on:

  • making the choice to take working together as a basis;
  • organising and guaranteeing the ability of organisations to work together, and thus in the development towards a high quality of cooperation with successful collaborations;
  • teaching and developing people for the benefit of working together.

Below are the options in a handy overview.


For managers, board members, board members (1:1)

Focused on? Exploration of collaboration and the concept of collaboration as a business function and its significance.

  • Mentoring ≠ coaching;
  • distinction of working together with other forms of 'working together';
  • the 2 principles, choosing to work together as a business function, implementation policy for the quality of collaboration, role and design and organisation of this business function (eg a Chief Collaboration Officer and an internal team of (part-time) mentors and facilitators, the internal 'code of conduct', the systems (e.g. recruitment, assessment, remuneration) and the space and help for the people);
  • kissing points of collective and individual, the House of Togetherness™, the specially developed conceptual framework to understand and deal with hassle;
  • sharing and enjoying some unique life experience.


For groups of employees

Focused on? Training and development for the benefit of the ability to work together and the quality of cooperation.

  • The House of Togetherness™, the specially developed conceptual framework;
  • understand hassle;
  • starting up and maintaining successful collaboration.


At meetings and events

About what? About the 2 principles.

  • Tailor made, parts of the mentioned under Mentor;
  • de 2 principles;
  • the idea, the design and the implementation of working together as a business function;
  • the House of Togetherness™, the conceptual framework to understand hassle and to start and keep successful collaboration going.


In case of hard cooperation

Into what? Cooperation and collaboration.

  • Research into what is going on in the case of hard cooperation and into the way-out;
  • the possibilities to (start to) work with the 2 principles.

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