Towards continuously working together succesfully

I work on collaboration according to a responsibility-oriented approach. Clients are organisations and partnerships.

My support focuses on:

  • making the choice to take working together as a basis;
  • organising the 6 responsibilities for working together;
  • organising working together as a function;
  • learning and developing managers to manage working together as an activity;
  • teaching and developing people for the benefit of working together.

Among other things, I bring the following to the process:

  • the Model of the Six Responsibilities™;
  • the two principles of working both on the organisation and with the teams and team members;
  • the Model of the House of Togetherness™;
  • the CollaboratorScan™;
  • tailor-made workshops;
  • peer to peer coaching;
  • think and work labs.

The roles I take on

Below are listed those roles I fulfill.


For managers, board members, board members (1:1)

Facilitator / moderator

For groups


At meetings and events


In case of hard collaboration

Project leader

If an 'outboard motor' or interim professional is needed for the growth towards continuously working together succesfully

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