Towards continuously working together succesfully

I work on collaboration according to a responsibility-oriented approach. Clients are organisations and partnerships.

My support focuses on:

  • making the choice to take working together as a basis;
  • organising and getting the six responsibilities for working together to function;
  • organising working together as a function;
  • learning and developing managers to manage working together as an activity;
  • teaching and developing people for the benefit of working together.

Among other things, I bring the following to the process:

  • the Model of the Six Responsibilities™;
  • the two principles of working both on the organisation and with the teams and team members;
  • the Model of the House of Togetherness™;
  • the self-scan collaboration orientation;
  • (sets of) tailor-made workshops;
  • peer to peer coaching;
  • an inspiring way of thinking with a corresponding way of acting in practice.

The roles I take on

Below are listed the roles I fulfill.

For managers, board members, board members (1:1)

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Facilitator / moderator
At meetings and events

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In case of hard collaboration

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Project leader
If an 'outboard motor' or interim professional is needed for the growth towards continuously working together succesfully

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