Towards continuously working together succesfully

I am a mentor, facilitator, speaker and researcher. All services are based on the two principles: developing the organisation and the people.

My support focuses on:

  • making the choice to take working together as a basis;
  • organising and guaranteeing of the ability of organisations and partnerships to work together;
  • developing organisations and partnerhips to a high quality of collaboration;
  • teaching and developing people for the benefit of working together.

Below are the options in a handy overview.


For managers, board members, board members (1:1)

Focused on? Exploration of collaboration and the concept of collaboration as a business function and its significance.

  • Mentoring ≠ coaching;
  • distinction of working together with other forms of 'working together';
  • the 2 principles, choosing to work together as a business function, implementation policy for the quality of collaboration, role and design and organisation of this business function (eg a Chief Collaboration Officer and an internal team of (part-time) mentors and facilitators, the internal 'code of conduct', the systems (e.g. recruitment, assessment, remuneration) and the space and help for the people), leadership;
  • kissing points of collective and individual, the Model of the Six Responsibilities™, the House of Togetherness™, the specially developed conceptual framework to understand and deal with hassle and conflict;
  • sharing and enjoying some unique life experience.


For groups

Focused on? Training and development for the benefit of the ability to work together and the quality of collaboration.

  • The House of Togetherness™, the specially developed conceptual framework;
  • understand hassle;
  • the Model of the Six Responsibilities™;
  • starting up and maintaining successful collaboration;
  • various working methods and working formats such as intervision, workshops (such as the workshop on personal accountability) and (series of) think and work sessions with which inspiration can be brought in from all sides. Sometimes it is useful for participants to do some 'homework' beforehand. To get an idea of homework, see the CollaboratorScan™.

  • Apart from the above, I am regularly asked as a moderator and (day) chairman. This is because of my calmness, my way of doing things so that everyone is heard and the neutral position I naturally take.


At meetings and events

About what? About organising and improving working together.

  • Tailor made, parts of the mentioned under Mentor;
  • the Model of the Six Responsibilities™;
  • de 2 principles;
  • the idea, the design and the implementation of working together as a business function;
  • the House of Togetherness™, the conceptual framework to understand hassle and to start and keep successful collaboration going.


In case of hard collaboration

Into what? Collaboration.

  • Research into what is going on in the case of hard collaboration and into the way-out;
  • the possibilities of working with the concept of collaboration as a business function.

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