Frequently asked questions about the CollaboratorScan™ for yourself

What do I get?
If you have done the CollaboratorScan™, you will receive the result as a PDF. These results give an idea of where you stand in comparison to the collaborator. There are some backgrounds provided. These are intended for a good understanding of the results.

What you also get is a 15-minute conversation with me via Skype, Teams or Zoom. This conversation is necessary for a good interpretation of the scan results. Then, you can really take it further.

What can I do with it?
With the CollaboratorScan™ you can have the conversation about collaboration and improving working together. With yourself. That is useful if, for example, you keep running into issues within your team and you are irritated by the way the cooperation is going. You will gain insight into how the cooperation 'works', where you stand and why you are confronted with things. The CollaboratorScan™ helps you to look at yourself and your work. It offers indications for growth opportunities for yourself and for improving the way you work together.

Apart from having a discussion with yourself, you can also discuss the scan with each other, with your team members. This is also (or perhaps especially) important if you have been working together for some time. In that case, it is most helpful if all your team members do the CollaboratorScan™. In that case, please contact me!

How long does it take to fill it in?
You are presented with 8 x 2 choices. You always have to choose one of the two possibilities. Thinking is allowed, but don't take too much time. On average, people spend 5 minutes thinking.
How long does the interview last?
The call lasts about 15 minutes and is conducted via Skype, Teams or Zoom.
What is the price for the CollaboratorScan™ and the consultation?
The price of the CollaboratorScan™ is € 125.00 excluding VAT and € 151.25 including VAT. For this you get the result and a consultation about it.
Ok, I want to do the scan. What are the steps?
Here are the steps:

  1. Please provide your details. The form is on the next page. Press the blue button below.
  2. You will receive an invoice at the billing address you provided.
  3. After receiving your payment, you will receive the link and the password of the page where you can fill in the CollaborationScan™. Please note: the password is valid for a maximum of 5 working days!
  4. After you have completed the CollaborationScan™, you will receive the results within 2 working days at the e-mail address you provided. At the same time you will receive an invitation for a consultation about the results and their interpretation. This meeting will take place within 3 working days after you have received the results.
I fill in my details for the CollaborationScan™ >
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