Employees as collaborators are necessary

Working together is human work and can always be or become difficult. But for organisations and partnerships, working together is essential. In other words: employees must work together, internally and externally.

Collaboration requires regular maintenance

We all like to hear and tell success stories, but everyone - no one excepted! - knows that working together is not easy. In fact, working together often breaks down. That is difficult and costly. Collaboration therefore requires regular maintenance. Organisations that invest in it with space and money perform better!

Towards better collaboration with the CollaboratorScan™

Organisations need employees as collaborators. Is an employee a collaborator? That question is about work behaviour. Does he or she show collaborative behaviour? Especially to maintain the collaborative behaviour, I have developed the CollaboratorScan™ for organisations, partnerships and employees.

Take the CollaboratorScan™!

For teams

The CollaboratorScan™ is a tool to discuss and strengthen collaboration within and between work units. You gain insight into working behaviour and working with each other. With the individual results you can have a constructive dialogue with each other about working together and improving collaboration!

With the CollaboratorScan™, different work perspectives within the team become clearly visible. The CollaboratorScan™ is therefore a very good tool in the facilitated dialogue within your team!

For you

The CollaboratorScan™ can also be done very well individually. This is useful if, for example, you keep struggling with situations in your team and if you are irritated by the way working together is conducted.

The CollaboratorScan™ is also used by people who are ready for another job or position. The scan helps them to make better choices thanks to the clarity it provides about their preferences regarding collaboration and how they want things to be in terms of working together.

You will gain insight into how collaboration 'works', where you stand and what causes you to run into problems. The CollaboratorScan™ helps to look at yourself and at work. It offers pointers to growth opportunities for yourself to improve your ability to collaborate.

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